Ukraine to receive US lethal weapons – free of charge


January 17, 2018 – FRN – 

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Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

The United States of America will provide Ukraine with weapons, including anti-tank complexes “Javelin”, for free.

The US Ambassador Marie Jovanovic stated this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine. “Last year, the Administration decided to provide Ukraine with additional defense capabilities. So far, no details how it will be done. We, as well as in Ukraine, have a certain procedure – to implement these decisions we must inform Congress. And only after the decision passes, we implement it,” she said.

“The details are still being worked out. We work not only within our internal process with Congress, but also during negotiations and coordination with the government of Ukraine. However, I would like to emphasize once again that we are talking about defensive weapons,” the US ambassador said.

Jovanovic answered a question of whether these supplies will be from the US government, or Ukraine will need to enter into contracts with individual arms manufacturers:

“Now we are talking about the defense assistance provided to Ukraine from the government of the United States. Commercial contracts and commercial sales are a completely different matter,” the diplomat said.

Clarifying question, whether Ukraine will receive lethal armament absolutely free of charge, she answered “Yes.”

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