Ukrainian public figures keep spinning fantasies about post-return Donbass


January 13, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

– Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

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“When we recover Donbass — it’s going to be deserted”
and, below
“When we recover Donbass it will be a ‘wild field'”
Screen capture from video at site.

Translator summary: Politically triaged, purged, abandoned, wide open country… A typical sample of what is on Ukrainian television

Ukrainian Donbass will be deserted, because after the seizure of the DPR and LPR, no one will restore industry, and the local population will be subject to large-scale purges. Political technologist Taras Berezovets said this in his interview. Berezovets closely cooperates with the administration of Ukrainian President Poroshenko, reports IA Novorossia.

“I think that even after we take the Donbass, it will be a deserted territory for tens of years.” Why? The people who left there will not go back. There is a very negative demographic trend, they are already about half of them pensioners. The able-bodied population, as soon as this territory is returned, will strive to leave – either to Russia, or to Ukraine, or the EU countries, and therefore there will be a Wild Field, as it once was. Ukraine will not have the money to restore these territories,” said Berezovets.

“What’s so good about it is that they destroyed the old industrial enterprises and mines that should have been shut down long since. Putin needs to say thank you for this .Nobody is going to rebuild it … I do not think that the West will allocate money – tens of billions of dollars … This is a very long process, of course, Russia will pay indemnities only when it is brought to the international tribunal, but it will not happen soon. But before that time, this region is doomed. The enterprises are cut off. What will remain there, only pensioners, and who will pay a pension? They are not able to produce anything now, at best – some primitive agriculture,” said the Poroshenko propagandist.

Residents of Donbass, according to the plans of the Kiev regime, voiced by a political technologist, are waiting for “deseparatization.”

According to Berezovets, “all people should be divided into three categories” – the bulk that “did not commit crimes,” employees of state bodies and ministries that will be recognized as “collaborators” and lowered in rights, and participants in power structures that will be turned over to the court.

“This is a region that respects the power, we need to show force to those people, if we go in and say that we forgive everyone – we do not deserve respect.” We should punish those people,” the political technologist said.

Berezovets also suggested that the entire local population would “rat out” all those who “committed crime.”

“There will be hundreds of thousands of denunciations against neighbors, friends, relatives … because the population is Soviet, it will inform, and most importantly, this informing will turn in their favor and punish those people.” And then the remaining ones will respect us,” concluded the technologist of the Poroshenko regime.

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