Volker falls out of favour with Ukrainian Nazis


January 28 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Politnavigator – by Inessa Sinchougova

The Special Representative of the US Department of State for Ukraine Kurt Volker should be included in the list of the scandalous website “Mirotvorets”, which publishes personal data of all those who criticize the current Ukrainian regime.

This was stated by Ukranian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

“I suggested that he be included in the website “Mirovorets” for what he said in an interview; that a nationalist minority plays too much a role in Ukraine’s politics,” Pogrebinsky said.

Volker has recently stated that while the majority of Ukrainian politicians are not die-hard nationalists, the far Right holds too much power in the current political make-up.

Russian political scientist Dmitry Kulikov believes that Volker  has sent a clear signal to the Ukrainian nationalists.

“They accurately understand the role of the American master. This means that they will will be asked to tone it down, sooner or later. They however, hoped that the nationalist gangs are a guarantee against positive relations with Russia, ” Kulikov said.

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