WHAT?! 400 ISIS fighters released by US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria, 120 join the the SDF


January 11, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

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HASAKEH, Syria – The US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has released over 400 ISIS terrorists from imprisonement, the Syrian Organization for Human Rights (SOHR) claimed.

The SOHR reported that they were Syrian members of the terrorist group who came “from Deir Ezzor and Al-Hasakah countryside, in which these members returned to the villages which they come from, after they were arrested for weeks to question them, after members of the organization intended to surrender to the SDF in the contact areas between them, the last of which was the surrender of more than 40 members of ISIS to the forces of “Al-Jazeera Storm” Operation, in late 2017, during the violent fighting which took place in the east of the Euphrates River, in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, where they were carried by vehicles of the SDF towards areas in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, and the vehicles were watched while they were carrying them towards Al-Hasakah province through the north of Deir Ezzor.”

“The SOHR monitored that more than 120 members of them have joined the SDF, most of them are people of clans include commanders in the SDF in Deir Ezzor and Al-Hasakah countryside, while residents expressed their fears of that the members of the organization have surrender as a preliminary step to form sleeper cells in the SDF-held areas,” the report continued. 

This is an unsurprising development as it is known the SDF face a chronic man shortage and it has been observed that they force men to join the militia.

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