Zionist Fake News Alert: Maduro to allegedly pull a Putin and intervene in the Colombian election


January 24th, 2018 – Fort Russ News – 
– Mision Verdad, translated for FRN by J. Flores – Please support Flores’ Patreon! 

A story that appeared last week in the newspaper El Espectador de Colombia shows what can be projected as one of the fake news stories that can mark the first half of the year in Colombia, and that finding an echo can become an electoral tool of the domestic elite, but also making the argument to justify a greater interference of the Colombian State in Venezuelan politics. It’s fake news with a dual-purpose.

In that article, the author Marcos Peckel thinks about the upcoming presidential elections to be held in Colombia in May of this year, and after comparing the Colombian-Venezuelan border with the borders of Syria and Jordan, North Korea and South Korea or the Balkans, assumes as a fact that “Maduro will actively intervene in the Colombian electoral process, either sending money, dollars (…) to candidates of his sympathy, disseminating fake news and warming the border.” 

As was the case several months earlier, the alleged link was echoed between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, and the meddling of the Russian president in the presidential elections of 2016. The simile, beyond the use that Peckel gives him, and in the light of false news to link Andrés Manuel López Obrador (presidential candidate for the Morena party in Mexico) with Chavismo, represents a reflexive action of a new electoral dirty war tactic initiated with the so-called “Russia-Gate”.

This argument can probably be used with the aim of demonizing the candidates of the Colombian left, for the sake of the low popularity of the candidates of the Colombian establishment.

Although it is not known if this alleged support will be committed to the nascent FARC party, to Piedad Córdoba, to the candidate of the Polo Democrático Alternativo or even to Gustavo Petro, a former guerrilla of the M-19, despite the fact that he has on several occasions publicly come out against Chavismo and Chavez himself; it could also be used in a second round to discredit the possible ascension of the liberal candidate Humberto de la Calle, to whom progressive forces could give their support in order to guarantee compliance with the Final Agreement with the FARC-EP and the continuity of the dialogues with the ELN.

Elections in Colombia collide with global Russophobia

Another objective could be to continue the deterioration of bi-national relations and grant greater belligerence to the voice of the Colombian government in the internal affairs of Venezuela, perhaps under the premise of defending its “national sovereignty,” in a context where the United States seeks to simulate a conflict between both countries to increase their political presence and “humanitarian” intervention plans.

Psychological operations are understood as actions aimed at modifying the perceptual state of an audience on a given topic, and thus influence their attitudes and behaviors to achieve political objectives. The note published by El Espectador does not only fit this model, the great push of the  media is also used to accuse Russia of manipulating elections.

Who is the writer of the piece? Peckel is executive director of the “Confederation of Jewish Communities in Colombia.” A few years ago he participated in meetings with former Prime Minister Shimon Peres, and said of him: 

“Meeting one of the founders of the State of Israel was a great honor and a unique opportunity that I took advantage of as much as I could”.

Professor of private universities in Colombia and columnist of some newspapers, Peckel, writes continually about Venezuela, and even questions the rights of his government and compares President Maduro with Fortunato Galtieri for claiming to claim the rights of Venezuela over that territory, something that he considers it as illegitimate as Argentina’s claim on the Malvinas Islands.

New matrices of opinion are constantly emerging on the international stage as an instrument of political and media war. It seems that the elections in Colombia precisely coincide with global Russophobia, of which Venezuela is an heir by geopolitical alignment.

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