AMAZING! Russian pensioner builds his own SOLAR SYSTEM at home


February 6, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

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ADYGEA, Russia – 73 year-old stargazer and space-fanatic Victor Matushin showed off his very own planetarium at his home in the village of Maykop, in the Republic of Adygea on Monday. 

According to the amateur astronomer, the dome has been under construction since 1st April 1999, and he’s not joking! 

Nearly 18 years later and his planetarium is finally finished. In order to bring the makeshift masterpiece to life, Matushin had to make use of tools that were close to hand, such as aluminum pans, balls and lamps. 

Matushin explained that the contraption is something of a black hole on official records. 

“The authorities have not registered my planetarium to this day because there is no law about a stationary planetarium belonging to a private person,” the pensioner said. 

To this day, Matushin’s is the only planetarium in Russia which has a Christian twist – children get free entry and a lesson on how God created the Earth, Moon and the stars.

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