Autonomy for the people of Brazil, whether black, indigenous or even urban dwellers!


February 16, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Recently, contrary to the sense that the rotten organ has been sending in the country, the STF judged as constitutional decree 4.887 / 03, which regulates the procedure for the identification, recognition, delimitation, demarcation and titling of lands of traditional quilombola communities.

The quilombola’s are the descendants of Afro-Brazilian slaves who escaped from slave plantations that existed in Brazil until abolition in 1888.

Quilombola communities, and especially this victory of the quilombola community as a whole, are an ontological, lively denunciation of the situation in which the country is found, as well as points to the need to bring about a revolution in our land.

This lively denunciation (which is the traditional quilombola communities) is total and creates an evident revolutionary potential for the following reasons:

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(1) They are a symbol of the resistance of a people who did not accept their submission to an unjust and unworthy condition of work and social configuration. This fact denounces a general condition of the homeland and creates a revolutionary potential. More directly, linked to the agrarian question of the country (and all the issues involved), and, more broadly, the condition of Brazil and its place in the world.

(2) This decree recognizes and protects a traditional community with all its organic links (ethnic-racial, historical, geographical ties, based on a common ancestry), and recognizes and guarantees its physical, social and cultural reproduction. This recognition and protection is a cornerstone of capitalism, because, as a propagator of globalism (which seeks to erase identities, disassociate people from their community ties in order to create atoms easily agglutinated as mass in a global market), the quilombola victory is an announcement of the defeat of the wicked system. It is evident that this victory did not come unaccompanied by the annoying hisses of the worms that are parasitizing the country, and by the retinue of imbeciles. It was not for nothing that it was the DEM, one of the parties of the ruralist group, who proposed the action trying to defeat the quilombolas. But, by the grace of God, they were defeated. As for the imbeciles, always the same “me me me” as always: “Being proud of their ancestry is racism”, “we are all the same”, “everyone is the same”, and some people have the nonsense to speak of “privilege”! This preposterous, beastly, false-equality discourse aims only to create a mask for the enemy to master. Pretending does not change reality.

Despite their efforts, they were defeated. And we won. And so it will remain. First the quilombolas, then the native peoples, then the gauchos, the Brazilian-Brazilians, the suburban of the great centers, the peasantry of every state, the riverside and all the organic communities of the Motherland. This revolutionary potential will spread and become an act. And the blessings of God will entreat you to be with us in the work of a Sovereign, Free and Socialist Country, even if it costs blood.

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