And they’re back! Court overturns lifetime bans of the IOC on 28 Russian athletes


February 1 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Vesti – by Inessa Sinchougova

The decision of the Sports Arbitration Court in Lausanne, Switzerland has given Russian athletes a renewed faith in justice today. 

The court has cleared 28 Russian athletes who were suspended from competition for life by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). 

The Russian Olympic Committee is already preparing an additional application to the IOC. The athletes themselves never stopped training or preparing for the competition and believed in justice.

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“The judges of the sports arbitration tribunal unanimously decided that the evidence provided by the IOC in this case did not have enough weight in each individual case, so the evidence collected on the 28 cases was found insufficient to establish anti-doping rule violations,” says Mathieu Rib, of the Sports Arbitration Court.

“I knew that it would be so, that the truth will be on our side.” rejoices Olga Fatkulina, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in speed skating.

For the IOC, the Arbitration decision is, of course, as inconvenient as possible. If the accusations of McLaren, Rodchenkov and Oswald are unfounded, why did the IOC take their side? The questions, apparently, are too inconvenient to be answered. 

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