BREAKING: Syrian Army on the verge of defeating ISIS on the Idlib axis


February 8, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

IDLIB, Syria – The Syrian Army, led by the elite Tiger Forces, have almost completely cleared ISIS from the Idlib axis (northern Hama countryside-southern Idlib countryside-southern Aleppo countryside) in northwest Syria. 

The Syrian Army has gone on a rapid offensive today, liberating a number of sites from the terrorist organization, including Muwaylih ibn Hadib, Muwaylih Suwaranah, Tutul Humr, Turut Sharqiya, Anbaz, Turut Janoubiya, Rasem Anz, Tutul Humr, Qaser ibn Wardan, Jabal Mudawar, Tal Muwaylih, Tal Abwiyah, Dabah, Jabal Huwayses, Tal Huwayses and Tal Zaebiq.

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It is expected the total capitulation of ISIS will occur as they continue to lose control of sites in their small pocket of control.

It is estimated they control around 15 sites on the Idlib axis, down from over 100 only earlier in the week.

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