Britain urges Ukrainian Navy to “ruthlessly sink” Russia’s legendary Black Sea Fleet


February 14, 2018 – FRN – 

Rusvesna – by Inessa Sinchougova

“The Ukraine should prepare to destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the event of an invasion.”

This was stated by the British Colonel Glen Grant, who previously worked as an adviser in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and is the author of a resonant article on the problems in the Ukrainian army.

“Naval forces as a structure must be taken very seriously. You have already lost your main port and oil wells, that was a huge part of the national wealth. And your vulnerability from the sea is greater than anywhere else” he said in an interview with the Ukrainian media.

“Therefore, the fleet must be taken seriously. It also needs to be activated strategically, considering these things. As I said many times before, you can achieve your goals without having cruisers. You just need to look at how the Iranians attacked American battleships on small boats to understand that the main thing is innovation. But the most important thing is for the Navy to begin planning what and how they can do things, if necessary” the colonel added.

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Grant also called on Ukraine to be ready for “ruthless steps” in the event of war.

“When it comes to the Russian Black Sea Fleet, one must be ready for ruthless steps. You can not continue to allow Russia to bite off your pieces without taking anything back,” he concluded.

It’s nice to dream and hold international conferences at the expense of the British taxpayer – but with what Navy would Ukraine accomplish such a task?

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