Commander of elite Syrian Army unit says that terrorist forces are not fighting at full capacity against them in Idlib


February 3, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

IDLIB, Syria – A commander of the elite Syrian Army unit called the Tiger Units has said that their rapid advancement across the Idlib Axis (southern Idlib countryside-northern Hama country-southern Aleppo countryside) in northwest Syria is because terrorist forces, particularly Al-Nusra and the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), are not fighting at full capacity.

Al-Nusra and TIP are the strongest fighters of the opposition and if they really wanted to fight, then the Syrian Army could not advance with this speed right now,” Suleman Shahin, a Tiger Force’s commander said.

“The current resistance is nothing to be compared of with the real strength of HTS,” he warned.

The Syrian Army in the past few weeks have made rapid advancements against terrorist forces on the Idlib Axis, but are yet to reach a major town or the interior of Idlib province where they are expected to reach major resistance.

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