Donetsk produces SEPARATIST sniper rifle [video]


February 8, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

–, plus Rusdnep/wargonzo, translated by Tom Winter

Still from video at WarGonzo

“Separatist” from the DNR will surprise the APU

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In the DPR they have created a “sniper rifle” based on the ZU-23-2
The fact is that the Telegram channel WarGonzo reported that in the DPR that they have created a rifle of 23 caliber to 152 mm, and this weapon is allegedly being tested on the contact line between the People’s Republic and Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that one can already guess from the claimed caliber that the ammunition is from the ZU-23-2 – the legendary Soviet antiaircraft installation, which was usually called the “Zushka” in the Soviet Army, and was used as a basis here.

Created in the self-proclaimed DPR, the small arms “Separatist” can not be called a full-fledged sniper rifle, says Mikhail Diagterev, editor-in-chief of Kalashnikov magazine.

In the WarGonzo posting it is not said, but there is reason to state that the trunk of ZU-23-2 was used as the technical basis for the “Separatist”, which is logical given the number of them that was created during the USSR and then put into Soviet Army service. Naturally, today they are fully at the disposal of the DPR.

In addition, the name “Separatist” suggests that the main task of this project is to attract attention, since it is unlikely that in the DPR they will be able to supply such military gear for full-scale serial production.

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