Doping is the rule at the Olympics. Why is Russia only punished?


February 17, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – At first, we will break some illusions: What they call “doping”, that is, the use of substances or techniques currently considered illegal to increase the efficiency of the sportsman, is a widespread practice in extreme sports, therefore, also in Olympic sport .

In fact, “doping” despite being seen as morally reprehensible is much more present in the sports and entertainment industry than one dares to admit. These actors who earn 10-20kg in very few months to make a movie superhero? Have you noticed how there are even changes in the bone structure of your face, as in the chin, for example? Do you think this is what? Diet and training? The same applies to MMA fighters, Carnival goers, and the whole range of people who depend on the body to stand out in the society of the show, whether in sports or entertainment.

We are not making any moral condemnation here. We are just exposing the facts. Doping is omnipresent whether we like it or not.

Let’s go to the Olympics. The Olympic Committee has, for some years now, put into practice a veritable fanatic, virulent and incessant persecution of the Russian athletes, doing what is possible and impossible to ban collectively the participation of Russians in competitions. Be they innocent or guilty.

The justification would be the existence of some kind of “official scheme”, sanctioned by the Russian state, which would promote the doping of its athletes. The idea is that athletes from other countries who practice doping do this hidden, and against the sports organizations of their own countries (!).

The reality is that this international debate, apparently driven by absolutely neutral, impartial stances, merely concerned with the purity of sport, is part of the geopolitical confrontation between the Atlantean powers and the multipolar forces. It is this difference that causes young sportsmen from Russia or China to be constantly scrutinized, questioned and pressured on doping charges, while young sportsmen from Western countries are simply treated as “prodigies,” “hardworking,” “focused,” and all the lero-lero of the type.

The notion that there is no official promotion or tolerance for doping by Western states does not make sense and does not support the slightest examination. American basketball, baseball and football organizations (NBA, MLB and NFL), for example, maintain an official policy of very high doping tolerance. Estimates of NFL athletes, for example, indicate that about 90% of football players make use of prohibited substances. Do you think that in other sports this is less frequent?

An investigation carried out in Australia by a government intelligence commission in 2013 generated a report showing that the Australian sports universe was swamped with peptides, hormones and countless banned drugs, with entire teams involved in doping. Doping was administered by sports scientists, in a scheme involving technicians, doctors and pharmacists.

At the same time, the American cycling icon Lance Armstrong was exposed as the head of the largest and most sophisticated doping scheme in the history of high-end sport. It was not a matter of just being a person lying. There were countless other cyclists and people involved in the American sports establishment. But only he was punished.

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The notion that in Western doping there is only “individual guilt,” while in the Russian case one is always speaking of “collective guilt” is a full demonstration of a hypocritical duplicity that can only be explained by the fact that we are dealing with a -militar of a war. A war in which the propaganda apparatus of the West, as is typical of its liberal ideology, collectively demonizes and dehumanizes its opponents, transforming a conflict of interests into a war between good and evil.

It has been demonstrated, for example, in Carl Lewis’s case that there was tolerance and indulgence on the part of the American Olympic Committee, not only with him but with countless other athletes, some of whom still strut their gold, silver, and bronze.

What did Carl Lewis himself say when he was caught? That he was only one in HUNDREDS of American athletes for whom the Olympic Committee has managed to conceal tests to ensure their participation. In his own words: “There were hundreds of people who got away. Everyone was treated the same way. “

Hundreds of American athletes who failed doping tests. How many medals would have been won by them? And only Russia is punished collectively?

In Germany, for example, since the Montreal Olympics in 1976, when West Germany was massacred by Oriental (which had an official doping program) in medal numbers, there have been official doping programs, under the euphemism of “Regeneration” or “replacement”. All made by figures of sports medicine, together with technicians and bureaucrats of the German Olympic Committee.

Sport is war without the shots. Winning in international sports competitions is bringing glory to your country. And so, governments around the world take victory in sport very seriously, as a demonstration of strength and power. We are not talking about something trivial, but about a true Geopolitics of Sport.

We’ve been in the doping era for decades now, and that’s not going to change. On the contrary, the efficiency of doping will rise more and more (and this is what will ensure that we continue to see broken records and won glories). Athletes have been using blood transfusions to conceal doping, and it is already known that several escape surveillance by the use of microdosages. We are already approaching the use of gene therapy for doping.

The notion that there is some specificity in the case of Russian athletes caught in doping is nothing more than hypocrisy and duplicity on the part of the International Olympic Committee, as it is common knowledge that all countries that win medals and want to win medals have official schemes or semi-official doping.

In this sense, we are facing something that is nothing more than a manifestation of a geopolitical conflict. It is the new “Cold War”, manifested in the Olympic sport.

This is the naked reality of cutting-edge sport. And if Brazil wants to win medals with international sporting powers on an equal footing, you already know what needs to be done.

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