Escort-model appeals to Putin – claims group rape by oligarchs and officials


February 11, 2018 – FRN – 

KP – by Inessa Sinchougova

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“I’m very thankful to Aleksei Navalny for bringing my claims to light. I was afraid to speak out before – but really, it was group rape. I want these people to answer before the law.” – Nastya Rybka

Russian oppositionist Aleksei Navalny has published another investigation of his Anti-Corruption Foundation. This time – about the alleged orgies on the yacht of billionaire Oleg Deripaska, (who is worth $6.9 billion dollars according to Forbes) and involving Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Sergei Prikhodko. 

The girl, as the initiator of the public scandal, is 20 year old Nastya Rybka, (“Little fish” in Russian, real name Anastasia Vashukevich.) She is what’s termed a “VIP model-escort”, who among other ladies, served VIP clients during yacht cruises with the likes of Deripaska and Prikhodko. 

The political vector

Navalny claims that the fact that a businessman hosts an official of this high rank on his luxury yacht, and pays for all the entertainment, “is a bribe revealing the very essence of the concept of the oligarchy.”

The incident depicted in the video took place in 2016 near the coast of Norway. In addition, the oppositionist points at excessively large sums of money officially declared by the wife of Prikhodko, who himself has almost nothing of value. 

Navalny: – “Prikhodko declares a huge income from his wife (yes, he has a wife), but here is the problem. His wife does not have a business, she has a share in the yachting club that does not earn anything outside Moscow. Guess what I’m implying? Bribes from the oligarchs, of course”, – said Navalny.

Nastya Rybka

Rybka  has a popular Instagram account with many photos depicting a beautiful life. Holidays in exotic countries, classical Europe and the exotic Middle East – she’s been everywhere. It was her social media posts that became the basis for the investigation of the connection between Deripaska and Prikhodko by Mr. Navalny. 

Navalny drew attention to the Instagram video, on which a voice resembling that of oligarch Deripaska is heard as he mentions Sergei Eduardovich – and people who look very much like them. 

“Rybka knows perfectly well who Sergey Eduardovich is – he is sitting on the yacht during this conversation right next to her. It is Sergei Eduardovich Prikhodko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation,” Navalny wrote.

Navalny similarly cited a book written by Rybka – “The Diary of Seducing a Billionaire, or Clone of the Oligarch”. There the girl described a three-day trip on a yacht, though all the characters were under pseudonyms. From the book, “it is clear that the girl understands that high society men enjoy not only the best of models, but they get together to solve specific business issues. “

Rybka to Deripaska: “Marry me or I’ll sue you”

After the publication of the investigation on February 8th, Rybka thanked Navalny for having brought her claims to light – and came out with an allegation of group-rape, assumably by Deripaska and Prikhodko.  

Despite the popularity of “Instagram culture” and the “high life” among Russia’s youth – it is still very much looked down upon to be just a ‘girlfriend’ (of a married man) and not his ‘wife.’ Russia’s gossip columns has stipulated that she likely suggested to Deripaska that he take her as a wife, or she would make life difficult.

The girl urged Deripaska and Prikhodko to come on to a popular Russian talk-show “Let them talk” and “speak honestly about what happened on the yacht.” 

The girl may well have rape allegations – but anyone who wants to get famous tends to want to get on the show. It’s run on a federal channel with a wide viewership. The juicier the story – the more Instagram followers for the heroine, it’s a little obvious.

Playing with fire

After the publication of the “investigation” by Navalny, billionaire Deripaska has filed a lawsuit against Rybka for publishing materials about his private life without permission. Navalny himself is not involved in the case – the court ordered Roskomnadzor (Russia’s internet safety agency) to block access to his investigation until the dispute is resolved. 

Article 24 of the Russian legal code states that the collection, storage, use and dissemination of information about a person’s private life, without their outward consent, is  illegal. 

As for Deripaska himself, he stated –  “the whole thing is a figment of the imagination of a group of individuals and one of the manifestations of a planned campaign aimed at discrediting my reputation, and that of others.” Deripaska is married to the step-great granddaughter of the late Boris Yeltsin.

Appeal to President Putin

On February 10, Rybka recorded a video message, in which she appointed herself a personal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The girl says that over the past 2 years she has accumulated a lot of experience in “manipulating high-ranking people, and public opinion – and as you can see, I have been successful.” She would like to share this information with Putin.

“Therefore, I appoint a personal meeting with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. I will be very pleased to meet him, and share the information that I have about his employees, and  himself. I think a lot of people in the Russian Federation will be interested in the information.”

Rybka gave Putin’s representatives a week to contact her and agree on the details of the meeting.

Watch this space! (Just kidding)

As for Navalny 

We don’t know the true essence of the meeting between Deripaska and Prikhodko – the average person can only speculate. Western media have already picked up this story as the “undeniable corruption of Putin’s circle.”

What remains is that Navalny too has been “investigated” for the use of expensive resorts and the ownership of various properties in Europe – including a Vienna apartment. Only in his case – the money comes from the US State Department. 

Another case of the pot calling the kettle ‘black’ from the archives of Mr. Navalny.

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