Expert: It will take 40 years to de-mine Donbass

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February 10 , 2018 – FRN – 
Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

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As it stands at the moment (the fifth year of the war) the post-war mine clearance process of the Donbass will take at least forty years.

This was stated at the press conference on the topic: “Humanitarian de-mining of Donbass”, by the president of the International Anti-Terrorist Unity, Colonel Alexander Diechek.

“The problem (with humanitarian demining – Ed.) is characterized by three figures. This is the clearing area – more than 7 thousand square kilometers, a vast territory.

The second is the time of mine clearance. According to the UN, one year of war is extrapolated to ten years of mine clearance. To clear our territory – we will need almost forty years,” Dichek said.

The expert noted that, for example, in Croatia, the demining has been going on for 19 years, in Bosnia and Herzegovina – it’s in its 17th year, Azerbaijan also – the 17th year.

“The third figure is the price of the work. For any country, this is a very expensive “hobby.” According to experts, about 10 years of work will cost $500-600 million dollars, “- added Alexander Dicek.

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