German visitors are breaking through the info blockade about Crimea


February 10, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

– RUeconomics, translated by Tom Winter –

Translation of caption: Representatives out of Europe note that their domestic information about Crimea is distorted

“The Germans are breaking through the Crimea blockade”: This is what frequent visits to the peninsula produce, the Federation Council says

SIMFEROPOL.The visit of representatives of the German “Left” party to the Crimea is just another delegation in the background of the rapidly changing attitude of Europe towards the peninsula, Sergei Tsekov, senator in the Crimean Federation Council told Economics Today.

“It’s no secret that in Europe and the US there are many fables about Russia and the Crimea.”

“Visits of European politicians of any level to the Crimea are very important both for this region and for Russia as a whole, first of all, they contribute to the breakthrough of the information blockade – it’s no secret that in Europe and the US there are many fables about Russia and the Crimea. In the press of the EU countries on these topics generally, one can often see a blatant lie: every year the UN General Assembly adopts a Ukrainian resolution on the Crimea, speaking of flagrant violations of human rights in the Crimea, infringement of national minorities, and educational gaps.

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The Americans and their European allies have traditionally voted for this resolution, although they have never even been in the Crimea. They make a declaration about the “occupation regime” on the peninsula, infringement on the basis of language and so forth. 
“But when Europeans come to Crimea, they usually experience an nice shock. The population of the peninsula lives peacefully and in safety, no one violates human rights, people are quite happy. That is, the picture is exactly the opposite of what the Europeans are used to hearing at home,” the parliamentarian said.

The head of the Crimean German national-cultural autonomy, Yuri Hempel, said that a delegation from the German LEFT party intends to come to Crimea. “I got a list of candidates for the delegation that want to participate in the forthcoming Yalta International Economic Forum, and they are interested in the possibility of the presence of the president of the Russian Federation at the elections, but this issue needs to be coordinated at the federal level,” RIA Novosti quotes Gempel.

“The atmosphere of recovery and creation that reigns over the last four years after reunification with Russia in the Crimea is able to convince even the most hardened skeptics.” There are serious and noticeable changes in all spheres of the life of the region — economic, social and domestic. Industry has revived and and so has the tourism industry.

“People’s diplomacy”

By the eve of German delegation’s winding up their visit to Crimea, ten deputies of the parliaments of three regions of Germany had stayed in the Russian region for a week. Guests said that they “are not afraid of sanctions from Kiev” and intend to create “partnership relations” with the Crimea. The official purpose of the visit is to discuss the removal of Western sanctions against the peninsula and Russia, as well as the recognition of the entry of Crimea into the Russian Federation.

The Germans visited the largest cities of the Russian peninsula, and also talked with local residents as well as Crimean authorities. During one of the talks, they noted: sanctions against Russia “have never led to success,” and they themselves look at such measures critically.

“Seeing the realities of the life of the Crimea, Europeans start to think about the sanctions that Europe imposed on the peninsula and Russia from the US, and it becomes clear that these measures are useless, and the same pedantic Germans immediately begin to calculate how much they have lost from the sanctions.” And in general, the guests do not approve.

Such visits are organized in the framework of the so-called people’s diplomacy. “In the near future we are waiting for the delegation of Finland, and I am sure, soon we will see guests from Italy and France. We note that politicians of Europe, journalists are paying ever more attention to the Crimea, they want to see the situation on the peninsula with their own eyes. We just welcome such aspirations, and there are going to be more and more guests,” concludes Sergei Tsekov ….

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