“In the best UPA tradition” Attacks continue on Kiev newspaper Vesti


February 16, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

– Vesti-ukr.com, translated by Tom Winter –

The spot where a young woman distributing VESTI was assaulted from behind with a bucket of paint

“In the best traditions of UPA and the shushers: in the back, stealthily, a woman – and then run away”: social network comment about the attack on the distributors of “Vesti”

Translator note: Two young women distributing Vesti were attacked with paint, a few days after the editorial offices were raided by thugs who tear-gassed the Vesti employees. Vesti includes a sampling of social media comments with their account:

At the metro station “Palace of Sport” in Kiev, an unknown person poured paint on a girl who was distributing the newspaper Vesti, then disappeared. The print products were also damaged by paint.

What is especially important: it was in this issue, which was spoiled by paint, that there was a fresh investigation of those people who had seized of the editorial office of Vesti in the Gulliver business center. And the metro station itself is just a few meters from this business center.

Note that within in just 10 minutes another such incident occurred near the metro station “Leo Tolstoy Place.” There, the unknown person also poured paint over the promoter, and all printed products.

It should be noted that among the commentators of this news, unfortunately, there were many people who believe the attack on the girl was a right and honorable act. However, there are decent people who rightfully point out that this is not the behavior of a normal, civilized person.

“Well, now life will be fine … just an act of a real man!” – Julia N– stated with sarcasm.
Alexander T– writes: “In the best traditions of the UPA and other shushers: sneak up behind, attack women and children, then disappear in the crowd and run away.” 

Yes, we live in the right state! And yet, in order for the “News” to see the light of print, the media must remain independent and to cover different opinions and events, even if these events and opinions do not appeal to somebody. 

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Simple example, the Charlie periodical in France — if “Vesti” ran such caricatures and criticism, authorities included, would they smash them into chips then !? But in France: “the whole world” was with Charlie … 

There are also those who are not on the side of Vesti, who simply admit that hooliganism is wrong, low, and mean. So, Max K– said: “I could not finish the crossword – Am I supposed to take offense? Get the girl here if she can solve it!” 

“It’s disgusting to read news about such “heroes.” who will also be proud of what they’ve done,” added Natalia M–.

[Translator note: I omit a further sampling of the social media comments, and have omitted the surnames of commenters. Vesti’s account continues:]

The incident is the best way to show the level of law and order in the country, people said: “There are no laws, there is no order, self-employed people do not work, what’s there to be surprised about?”

Recall, on the morning of February 8 representatives of ARMA*, the military prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies came to the office of Vesti. Our employees were expelled from their jobs.

Then in the editorial office a pogrom began. Thjey used teargas against Vesti journalists, which caused several employees of the publication to suffer. ARMA explained that in this way they were transfering the three floors of the building to the management of the Business Center “Navigator”.

In addition, when on the morning of February 9 employees of Vesti tried to enter their workplace, they were also sprayed with gas. One of the employees of the editorial staff received an eye injury, and they had to call an ambulance.

Journalists of Media Holding Vesti Ukraine sent a collective notification to the National Police of Ukraine on the fact of violation of Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – “Obstruction of Journalistic Activity”.
*Association for the management of Audiovisual rights.

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