International NGOs are instruments of cultural imperialism

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February 23, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – In developing or underdeveloped countries (in Latin America, Africa, Asia and parts of Eastern Europe), the participation of NGOs in the provision of basic public services is increasing. They aim to replace weak and/or poor states in various resource-poor sectors. Some of these NGOs are also involved in state oversight, supposedly in favor of “human rights.”

It is easy to point out fundamental problems in these NGOs. States are accountable to their citizens. If their governments fail to live up to the expectations of the masses, they risk being traded or, in more drastic cases, even toppled by an angry population.

Who do NGOs respond to? Just to your donors, usually wealthy citizens, foreign governments or powerful corporations. These NGOs pass on to their donors information (true or otherwise) on the beneficiaries to the donors, who then guarantee the donations. But understand: if NGOs succeed in solving the problems they care about, they simply will not be needed anymore. However, it is clear that NGOs will not disappear, and that they do not exist to solve definitively the problems of their interest.

The phenomenon of NGOs has exploded since the 1980s, being born in the rich countries of the first world, for very clear reasons. In the global capitalist elite there are distinct degrees of intelligence and sensitivity, and among them a more perceptive layer noted that the implementation of neoliberalism was polarizing societies and generating strong social commotion. Neoliberal politicians, entrepreneurs, and bankers then began to finance and promote a “bottom-up” parallel strategy, with organizations driven by an “anti-statist” ideology whose aim was to appease the masses and at the same time , to promote the dismantling of the state and to demobilize serious political and social organizations.

In the 1990s, these NGOs were already thousands and moving around $ 4 billion worldwide every year. One of its main sources of funding has been the World Bank. The point of convergence between interests is clear: NGOs criticize the state from a progressive left-wing perspective, in defense of a supposed civil society, while the right wing does it in defense of the market. In other words, as neo-liberal regimes devastated their own countries and foreign countries, flooding them with cheap imports, crushing them with usurious debts, abolishing labor laws and creating a growing mass of precarious workers, NGOs assumed the role of “self-help” to local communities, deviating from any kind of radical political and social militancy.

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NGOs, in this sense, are nothing more than a “communal” face of neoliberalism. They are financed by the same characters that cause the problems they are aiming to fight. In this sense, they play a fundamentally depoliticizing and relieving role. Its aim is not to solve problems, but to try to stifle conflicts and make capitalist exploitation more palatable.

In this way, the very classification they lead is even fallacious. Considering that they receive funding from capitalist governments, and that they usually work with agencies and departments of these governments, it is not true that these institutions are effectively non-governmental. More recently, NGOs have taken an even more prominent role in the imperialist strategies of the globalist elite. “Human rights” NGOs infest countries considered enemies by the Atlantean governments. There, these NGOs work to undermine the institutional solidity of the enemy countries’ system, instilling “civil society” against their rulers in the name of “human rights,” but for the benefit of the Atlantean governments and international corporations. So it was with the Arab Spring or with the Maidan.

NGOs affiliated with George Soros and other financiers and / or funded by the US Department of State have implemented the manuals of Gene Sharp of the NGO Albert Einstein Institute to carry out the overthrow of governments insufficiently aligned with Atlanticism. Even more rotten things permeate the world of NGOs. For example, this week the British NGO OXFAM was found to be involved in numerous cases of prostitution and sexual abuse in Haiti. This is not something sudden or surprising. In recent years, there have been a number of allegations that the Clinton Foundation and OXFAM have been involved in kidnapping, trafficking in persons and sexual abuse in Haiti. This is the REAL world of NGOs: exploitation and subjugation under a humanitarian veneer.

In response, some countries, such as Russia, have begun to ban and expel major Western NGOs. Brazil has to start doing the same. NGOs are just tools of foreign domination.

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