Jean Wyllys, the Brazilian politician that is a Zionist extremist


February 18, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Let’s be clear: Jean Wyllys, who typifies all sorts of postmodern toxicities in Brazil, is a radical Zionist. He is not a sympathetic or mitigated Zionist, he is a radical Zionist extremist who does not lose anything for any bigoted Zionist right-wing monk.

He accuses people of being anti-Semite if they criticize Israel, and accuses people of being homophobic if they criticize his Zionist stance. In this, he is absolutely fanatical and low, not sparing even other colleagues of his execrable party.

A bizarre element to become a federal deputy is already a tragic situation. This same element still proves to be one of the main voices of Zionism in Brazil and it is becoming comical.

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Jean Wyllys strengthens our thesis of liberal hegemony. Jean Wyllys is a liberal. He defends a liberal political stance, a liberal geopolitics, a liberal morality, a liberal culture. Okay, in the economy he is in favor of giving state lollipops to the poor, but in general he follows the liberal primer to the letter.

His differences to leading presidential candidate and massive reactionary, Bolsonaro, are tiny. Bolsonaro is in favor of some pat on the back of the “family” and that’s it. The rest is pure, naked and raw liberalism.

These two sides, these two faces, are dependent on each other. The toxicity of Jean Wyllys means that several people prefer Bolsonaro and the right. What is guaranteed and unanimous, however, is Zionism.

Meanwhile, the exploited worker, the citizen of good and in the middle, is still crushed by liberal hegemony.

A Revolution that frees us from Bolsonaros and the like will only be revolutionary if we get rid of Wyllys and everything else.

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