Kim Jong Un deserves the Nobel Peace Prize


February 2, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – What has led to a rapprochement between North Korea and South Korea, a greater likelihood of reunification of the Korean Peninsula and greater chances of peace in the region? The empty threats of Donald Trump, who behaves like a spoiled child, or the strategy of armed diplomacy of Kim Jong Un?

The answer lies in the fact that, while North Korea did not stop its nuclear tests, even with the empty words of the American government, it simultaneously achieved the great diplomatic achievement of “reunifying” the country for participation in the Winter Olympics.

This is an important step towards peace, which shows the US that they are not needed as “global police”. More than that. During the recent crisis caused by American interventionism on the Korean Peninsula, the South Korean people and even their politicians criticized the conduct of US foreign policy.

South Koreans are more afraid of the US than of North Korea. With their threats and provocations, the US amplifies the possibilities of war in the region. A war that could lead to the death of millions of South Korean civilians, while American civilians, as always, will enjoy the peace guaranteed by their geographic isolation (at least until they are hit by North Korean ballistic missiles). Americans forget that they are no longer in World War II or in the Vietnam War.

Thus, just as Russian President Vladimir Putin deserves this award for his conduct of the war in Syria, Kim Jong Un deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing the two Koreas together and forcing the two countries to permanent peace and reunification under sanctions, provocations and threats.

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