Kremlin hosts Ball for young cadets

A ball for cadets of the Federal Protection Service (FSO) has taken place in the Kremlin – 200 young men and women waltzed together; ballroom dancing is even a part of their programme of education.
The cadets are only 15 years old – this is their first ball in the Kremlin. They are taught various target shooting skills, fighting without a weapon, shooting with a Kalashnikov rifle – the envy of many children (especially the boys).
But girls are not ostracised from the boys’ disciplines either; both genders undergo specialised courses of whatever they find interesting – history, various sports, music.
The cadets study in a regular school, with extra lessons daily at the FSO school.

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“This is a comprehensive development programme of the personality, and most importantly it teaches a respectful attitude to everything around us and a desire to be useful people,” says Natalya Sorokina, curator of the Cadet classes.
“Military training, physical education, choreography, history, music – all of this allows, in my opinion, to form full-fledged citizens, patriots of our country,” – Vladimir Belanovsky, deputy director of the FSO of Russia.
Being part of the cadet programme is advantageous for when the children go on to apply to prestigious universities – especially military institutions.
Note: the FSO is not the FSB. The FSO agency is concerned with tasks related to the security of several high-ranking state officials, mandated by the relevant law, including the President of Russia, as well as of certain federal properties.
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