Major Filipov took several jihadists with him


February 6, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

“Picture from video @MOAZALSHAMU”

Russian pilot Roman Filipov fought jihadists to the last.

He was shot down in the sky over the Syrian Idlib on February 3. Initially, details of the death of Filipov were incomplete: the militants published only a video with his corpse. Subsequently, however, photos of a gun with three magazines appeared on the net: one of the magazines was empty, the other two were half full. 

And finally, the channel Directorate Telegram published a video of the battle. In the first seconds you can hear Philipov screaming out the phrase: “This is for you, for the guys!” – and blows up a grenade on himself and those around him. Judging by the storyboard of the video, two to four jihadists suffered from the explosion. [tr note: The first reports seen by me had it that he used the grenade when the foe was distant “some tens of meters.” It is now apparent that they were rather closer.]

The mission Filipov was on before the attack of terrorists has been published: they spoke of it in the Ministry of Defense. The military department explained that the pilot on the attack aircraft, with a full ammunition, was patrolling the province of Idlib at a low altitude of four thousand meters. At some point, a missile fired by the militants hit the plane’s engine, but Filipov tried to keep the plane in the air. Soon the failures of the management system began, the situation became critical. The major was forced to eject. He managed to land with a parachute as the militants were firing at him – and to report their coordinates.

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After the news of the pilot’s death, there was confusion about the groups responsible. 

“The pilot had time to report on the bailout in an area controlled by the fighters “Jabhat al-Nusra “(banned in Russia – note “When conducting a battle with terrorists, the pilot died,” the Ministry of Defense initially stated. But Jabhat al-Nusra ceased to exist more than a year ago, having merged with other large and small terrorist organizations and was named “Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham” (HTSH). And all the same: reports of the death of the pilot did not come from this group, but from the pro-Turkish Syrian group “Jaysh an-Nasr.” Soon, HTSH actually posted a video with the murdered Filipov: this allowed many media to declare the version of the Ministry of Defense at least partially true. But it turned out, HTSH just posted the video, but it was taken by “Jaysh-an-Nasr.” “Jaysh-an-Nasr” is part of the insurgency, fighting against the regime of President Bashar Assad. The families of the militants, as a rule, live in Idlib, which they defend against the forces of Assad and his allies.

In the case of Pilot Filipov, a “Turkish trace” suddenly appeared:
Sources for the newspaper Kommersant reported about possible indirect fault of Ankara in the incident. According to their information, the plane was on low altitude due to the fact that Turkey guaranteed security in the de-escalation zone of Idlib. “When developing the flight task, they could rely on this,” the source said.

A last personal note, touching upon the major’s civilian life: the militants published pictures showing his mobile phone, wallet, service records, and discount cards to auto parts stores.

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