Mossad agents successfully sneak into Lebanon, fail to assassinate Hamas commander and then have their identities revealed


January 8, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Al-Akhbar.

SIDON, Lebanon – This time, the Mossad was caught by the accursed crime. The institution that the enemy sees as its arm around the world, which boasts of being “invincible”, has suffered a double failure in Lebanon after the 14th of January attack. The first failure is still for unknown reasons. Perhaps the coincidence alone saved Hamas leader Muhammad Hamdan from an assassination attempt in Sidon that morning.

Or perhaps a “mistake” committed by the port which the security services suspect of being an Israeli, of Iraqi Kurdish origin, carrying the Iraqi and Swedish nationality. The bomb planted under Hamdan’s car was designed to kill him. But it seems that the murderer committed a “gaffe” that allowed him to escape. Hamdan survived, the record of the first failure. Within a week, the second failure was the discovery of identities of two Lebanese agents of the Israeli Mossad, Muhammad al-Hajjar and Muhammad Beitit, and the first arrest in Turkey on the basis of information from the Information Branch of the Internal Security Force.

Most importantly, my identity as “officers” in the Mossad is revealed, and security officials say that they are Israelis. First, investigations conducted by the Information Branch of the Internal Security Forces revealed that he entered Lebanon with his Iraqi passport on 9/1/2018, via Beirut airport, and left for Damascus, through the factory, on 14/1/2018, hours after the operation. His colleague, who holds Georgian citizenship, entered Lebanon on January 9, 2018, and left the airport to Qatar, and from there to another country, on the morning of 14/1/2018. 

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The Mossad operation to assassinate Hamdan began more than seven months before the execution of the crime in Sidon last month. At the old house in Serrop, the stones of his watch were commissioned by the stones in the southern capital. After the transfer of leadership in the Palestinian resistance to his new home, in the area of ​​the large orchard in the city itself, the house was assigned to monitor, and moved the process to the level of preparation for physical liquidation.

The client rented a warehouse near Hamdan’s house, under the pretext of using it to store clothes, and near the residents of the area, including the pylon of the building that the target lives in. In the last month of 2017, a house was tightened to monitor Hamdan’s movements in preparation for his assassination, which was scheduled for January 12, 2018. He traveled home to Europe, then returned on 9 January, coinciding with the arrival of the Georgian and the Iraqi Iraqi. The former had rented a house in an area close to the harbor, through the application of “airbnb”, as did the “Swede” in Achrafieh. As for his colleague, she landed in a hotel in the Hamra area.

On Friday, January 12, he went home, accompanied by Georgians, from Beirut to Sidon. They took a taxi from the Corniche, in particular, from a place near the lighthouse. They were embracing as lovers. He had a bag inside the explosive device. Arriving in the southern city, they wander and walk to the “warehouse”. Wanted to plant the explosive device at the bottom of Hamdan’s car, which the latter is traveling on Friday morning, as every week. He was surprised by one of Hadaf’s neighbors, who had just returned from the airport.

Copy of the passport of Kuvan Pamarni For larger image click here

He asked them why they were late at night in the building, a home-grown man with reassuring words, saying that he was the nearest warehouse tenant, and that the natur knew him, and that his girlfriend had lost something to look for and wanted to wash his hands. He left home and «Georgian», and returned to Beirut on a taxi. Two days later, on Sunday, January 14, they returned. By taxi, heading from Beirut to Sidon. They planted the package under the driver’s seat in Hamdan’s car and drove to the city’s Corniche, where the stones were waiting in his car (a taxi). He took them to the Manara area of ​​Beirut. I stopped a taxi house for the Georgian woman who returned to the hotel. The agents of the Mossad, who visited Berber’s restaurant and ate food before they went to Ein al-Marisa, were waiting for the Swede. Immediately, they went to Sidon. Corner Hajjar car at the Sea Corniche, and stayed inside. The house and the young man who accompanied him went to al-Hadaf’s house. He waited until he approached his car, opened its door, and managed its engine, and detonated the bomb remotely. He did not fall martyr, but was wounded in the feet. At that time, the “Georgian” had left Lebanon through the airport. As for her colleague and a home, they returned to the Hajjar car, which was the least of them to Beirut. He took them to the ring area, where the three were separated.

Three photographs of a house and a painting prepared before his identity

The investigations carried out by the Information Branch of the Internal Security Forces led to the discovery of the identity of the four: Al-Hajjar, who was found to have left for Turkey at the airport on 16 January 2018; Amsterdam, and then to an unknown destination; the Iraqi Swede, whose information was obtained by the investigators of the Information Branch, was identified as Kuvan Pamarni, born in Tehran in 1985, and left for Syria on 14/1/2018. After the Syrian public security reviewed the Syrian authorities, the latter confirmed that he had left via Damascus airport to Algeria. Security information revealed that his destination after Algeria was the French capital Paris where he “disappeared”. The fourth element in the process is Elona Jangovi, born in 1977 in Tbilisi (the information branch also obtained a copy of her passport). After the return of the stones from Turkey on 23 January, additional information was revealed about them, and about the work of the Mossad in Lebanon, at the espionage level in particular. Al-Hajjar identified the location where the detonator was dropped remotely, in an area near the entrance to the town of Burj al-Shufa. After a thorough and thorough survey of the area, the investigators found “information” on a device that met its specifications. 

The security data confirm that Kouvan and Elona are “officers” of the Israeli Mossad (the Israeli Military Intelligence (AMAN), which has already carried out many assassinations in Lebanon, such as the assassination of the Majzoub brothers in Sidon in 2006 and the martyrs Ghaleb Awali and Ali Saleh in 2003 and 2004) , And that they carry passports used to travel in the Arab countries, without any obstacles. He had previously visited Lebanon in 2014, 2015 and 2016, traveling freely on the pretext of doing business. They live a very normal life, and one page on Facebook is still open.

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