Netanyahu denies any involvement of Jewish people in enabling Holocaust


February 18, 2018 – FRN – 

RIA – by Inessa Sinchougova

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a telephone conversation with his Polish counterpart Mateusz Moravetski said that his words about the involvement of certain representatives of the Jewish people in the Holocaust were unacceptable, the Netanyahu office reported.

Moravetski’s Saturday statement at the Munich conference added fuel to the dispute between the two countries over the forthcoming legislative ban on the accusation of the Polish people in crimes of the Second World War.

“Netanyahu told him (Moravetsky) that his statements were unacceptable and there is no reason to compare the actions of Poles and Jews during the Holocaust,” the press release said after the talks between the leaders of the two governments.

“Netanyahu noted that the goal of the Holocaust was the destruction of the Jewish people, he told his Polish colleague that the distortion (of history) of Poland can not be corrected by another distortion,” the report says.

Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman asked Moravetski how, according to the new Polish law, it would reflect on the story Poles wanted to extradite his mother to the Germans during the War.

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“It will not be a criminal offense to say that the individual culprits were all – Poles, as well as Jews, Russians, Ukrainians and Germans,” Moravetski’s agency quoted.

Israel demands to remove the provisions that say anyone who “publicly and contrary to facts” claims that the Polish people or the Republic of Poland were “responsible or liable for the Nazi crimes committed by the Third Reich.”

The document, which aggravated relations between the two countries, was approved by both chambers of the parliament and signed by the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, who, however, sent it to the Constitutional Court.

The prime ministers agreed that Israel and Poland will continue the dialogue on this issue, and expressed hope for an early meeting of the negotiating groups, Netanyahu’s office said.

Recalling the non-unique cases of the participation of Poles in persecutions against Jews during or even after the war, Israel argues that the new Polish law leads to a distortion of the history of the Holocaust.

The Haaretz quotes Netanyahu’s response to a question whether the Israeli ambassador may be recalled from Warsaw. The head of government said that all options are “on the table,” but priority will be given to diplomatic means of settling the conflict.

“I would prefer not to talk about what will or will not happen now.” We are still trying to find a solution.”

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