Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan candidate of Chavism

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February 28, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Mision Verdad.

CARACAS, Venezuela – February has a particular historical quality, essentially Venezuelan: it is the month where the political year is defined.

This has been the case since 1989, when on the morning of February 27 the uprising of the people of Caracas, driven by the surge of Guarenas, turned the journey from three decades onwards in a matter of moments.

The course of recent history has been commissioned, again and again, to highlight that continuity and, above all, the inheritance – with its worthy pains – to have broken the neoliberal project of the “end of history” on local soil ; the trigger that gave Chavismo reason to be as a political force. And that audacity still continues to charge us today.

The worst years of the process are undoubtedly those that have February as the starting point for guarimbas and armed insurrections. To show a button: because they bite forward in February, today we acknowledge in the stomach of the brutal attack on the country during the coup attempts of 2014 and 2017.

Go a no less detail for your assessment: according to the hard work of the mayordomos of the war against Venezuela, because you can not say that they have not delivered the last stage of his life to manage a military intervention, today the chavism should be so only a memory of what should not be repeated in any planetary latitude.

The dreams of Julio Borges still do not find a landing strip. And of that we can blame Nicolás Maduro entirely.

A fratricidal war without apparent return was the least expected at this point of the party who have invested thousands of dollars in crushing us.

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But neither one nor the other happened, and in February this February we are the ones who bite forward.

Against all apocalyptic presage, Chavismo returns to the streets to support the candidacy of Nicolás Maduro, as he did four years ago with the knot of Chávez’s death stuck in his throat.

And now the sentimental data is: we continue to surf with intelligence the wave of death and extermination that today covers the entire planet. And that is where Nicolás continues to give lessons on a regional and global scale of how he governs with the world oligarchy revolted and coming face to face.

From that moment Chavez summit giving us the order, everything has happened, and it is the obstinacy of returning to our historical clues the refuge that today continues to impede the final thrust. In the verb of Chavez that fateful night we see each other again.

The weight of the global financial elite on our shoulders has not yet marked the smiles and the happiness of the people, in all that amalgam of vitality that defines Chavismo for excellence.

As extremely hard and difficult we can define the present, it can not be otherwise if we see in the mirror the accumulated dangerous games that began to play the opponent since the day one of Nicolás as president.

And what a final insistence: if it was on this ground that we stepped where the first crack of the global capitalist system and its project of “the end of history” occurred, let us complete that task, for the future and our children and grandchildren to come. That at this point we have a certainty: Maduro does not back one inch. 

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