Nuland pushed Obama toward a more aggressive response against “Russian hackers”


February 5 , 2018 – FRN – 

Rusvesna – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

After the “Russian hackers” published the democrats’ e-mail correpondence in 2016 –  “the hair of the employees of the State Department stood on end,” said former US official Victoria Nuland. 

Nuland is “all too familiar with Russian hackers” and tried to push Barack Obama toward “more aggressive response measures”, writes Politico.

In the summer of 2016, former US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland “felt that something was not going right,” writes Politico journalist, Susan Glasser. 

That summer Nuland warned Obama that Russia “is trying to discredit the democratic process” in the US. According to the politician, she knew that the email of the National Committee of the Democratic Party was compromised from the beginning of 2016. A few months later, the electronic correspondence of the democrats was published on the “websites of Russian agents”.

“Then our hair really stood on end,” Nuland said.

She sought to push Obama to take more aggressive retaliatory measures against hacker attacks. In July 2016, she was also informed that a former British intelligence officer, Christopher Steel, had identified a “link between the actions of Russia and Donald Trump.”

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During the following few months, up to Donald Trump’s “unexpected victory” in the election, Nuland unsuccessfully tried to achieve a more resolute response to the Kremlin’s hacker attacks. A few days before the inauguration of Trump, she resigned from the State Department and is currently acting as director of the Center for New American Security.

At the same time, she continues to criticize Obama for his attitude to the “Russian cause” and blames him for “insufficient response measures” that could “prevent future interference.” 

“Assessment by the intelligence community appeared later than it should have,” said Nuland.

According to her, aRussian intervention was not so unexpected, as she herself was subjected to an “attack from the Russians” in 2014. At this time she was in Kiev, “feverishly trying to create a new ruling coalition after the revolution against pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych.”

“The Russians overheard a telephone conversation between Nuland and the US ambassador to Ukraine, and the publishing of the audio record with its non-diplomatic expressions produced a terribly negative effect,” the author of the article recalls.

Obama did not dismiss her after the incident, but the Russians managed to put her in an “uncomfortable position.” 

In this way, Mrs Nuland attempted to conflate her illegal activity in the Ukraine to Politico – with the alleged interference of Putin in the US elections. It is of course easier to create your own evidence, than to admit to any wrong doing.


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