Putin’s rival talks herself into a knot [Video]


February 10 , 2018 – FRN – 

by Inessa Sinchougova

Imagine if a US presidential candidate showed up in Russia to garner support – how successful would that candidate be in the US? I really struggled to sit through 1.5 hours of Ksenia Sobchak’s talk at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think-tank in Washington. Not only were all the questions anti-Russian (besides the Chinese gentleman), but even the Russian-speaking journalists they invited were highly libertarded in their points of view.

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Among the various topics covered, Sobchak suggested to remove a number of key points of power from Russia’s Presidential system of government (even though France has a very similar system), in order to turn it into a Parliamentary republic. On the question of Crimea, she openly admits that it was always Russian and the people who voted in the referendum were Russian – so what “issue” is there to solve? Beside NATO not obtaining access to the Sevastopol seaport, as planned with the Kiev government coup, there really is no other dilemma. 

Sobchak mentioned that, at 1-2% support, she recognises that her chances at a presidential victory are tiny – but that is not her goal . Her goal is to raise her profile in order to become a deputy in the state Duma – in order to help the opposition in 2024, when “Russia will be at a key point in it’s history.” The prospect is truly scary – with Putin unlikely to run for a fifth term, there will be no counterbalance to the liberals.

Inessa Sinchougova is an Editor and Journalist at Fort Russ News, as well as a research fellow and translator of the Belgrade based think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies. She was educated at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), in the field of Political Science and was previously employed in Marketing and Communications Strategy for a Multi-National Corporation. She runs a popular YouTube channel for translations of key Russian Foreign Policy figures and appears regularly on other alternative media channels. If you like her work, you can support her Patreon here.

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