Putin’s teacher leaves her Israel apartment “to Russia” in her will


February 5 , 2018 – FRN – 

Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova


Vladimir Putin had once helped his high-school teacher to buy an apartment in Tel Aviv.

It has been reported that the former teacher of the president, who died at the end of last year in Israel, bequeathed her apartment in Tel Aviv “to Russia.” 

Due to it’s ambiguity, the Russian Embassy in Israel explained that the Israeli authorities are trying to find possible heirs of Mina Yuditskaya’s property, and once they are found, a decision will be made on the apartment.

Mina Moiseevna Yuditskaya taught German at the 281st school in Leningrad, where the future president was studying in the 1960s. In 1973, she emigrated to Israel.

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Yuditskaya reunited with her former student in 2005, when Putin visited Israel. At the request of the Russian leader, the authorities helped the woman financially to buy an apartment in Tel Aviv, and furnished it. 

In the 2005 interview, she said – “There was a quiet and serious teen, who would cut classes but he always aced his tests. After graduation, he went his own way – I did not imagine our paths will cross again.”

In another interview, a journalist asked Mina – “do you have a position regarding the crisis in Crimea?” She said:

“I don’t follow politics, but I would like to ask him one question: When I used to walk into class – students used to stand up. As a sign of respect, that’s what was expected – and it was always exciting for me. I would like to ask him – how does it feel when the whole country stands up for you?”

The former teacher of Vladimir Putin died at the age of 96. It is not known whether she had children.

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