Roman Filipov, Russian pilot killed in Syria, nominated for highest military award


February 5, 2018 – 2018 –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

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Roman Filipov in a green field. Picture from a Serbian account

Su-25 attack aircraft launches from the Hmeimim Airbase

MOSCOW, February 5. / TASS /. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has nominated the Su-25 pilot Roman Filipov, who died in battle with terrorists in Syria, for the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. This was reported on Monday in the offices of the Russian military department.

In the Russian military offices they note that the terrorists shot down Filipov’s Su-25 with a MANPAD, when he overflew the de-escalation zone of Idlib to monitor the cease-fire regime. Filipov kept the plane in the air until the last and managed to inform the command that he was attacked. The pilot ejected over the terrorist-controlled area of the village of Tell-de-Bebes.

“Major Roman Filipov waged an unequal battle to the last minutes of his life, with regular weapons, fending off militants. Finally, with the encircling terrorists closing in, and being seriously wounded,  when the distance to the militants was reduced to several tens of meters, the Russian officer blew himself up with a grenade,” the ministry added. The Ministry of Defense assured that the parents and the family of the deceased will be provided with all the necessary support and assistance.

The department noted that he was an experienced pilot and this was not the first time he was serving in Syria. Filipov brilliantly performed dozens of combat missions to destroy terrorists, as well as to accompany the humanitarian columns of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of the warring parties. He was a graduate of the Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School for Pilots. The command always characterized him as a promising, competent and decisive attack aircraft pilot, who enjoyed deserved authority in the air regiment and among subordinates in the squadron.

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