Russia in Top 3 countries for cheapest fuel


February 6 , 2018 – FRN – 

AvtoVesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

According to the research agency “RIA Rating”, the cheapest gasoline at the beginning of 2018 was in Kazakhstan, where a liter of 95 fuel cost 31 rubles (0.54 USD.) In second place is  Belarus, where a liter of gasoline costs 36.4 rubles.

Russia is in third place with an average price of 41 rubles (0.72 USD) per liter. In Ukraine – 55.6 rubles. 

In Europe, the cheapest was in Bulgaria, at 72.3 rubles per liter. And the most expensive – in the Netherlands, at 110.8 rubles (1.94 USD) per liter. 

At the same time, gasoline prices rose by an average of 3% in Russia and Europe. In Kazakhstan, in 2017, fuel went up by 20.4%, but the country still has the cheapest gasoline.

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Diesel too is expensive in Europe – the cheapest today is in Belarus, at 36.9 rubles per liter. In second place – Kazakhstan, where the cost went up by 25.8%, but in the end it’d still only 37 rubles per liter.

In Russia,  the cost for diesel is in third place at 40.8 rubles per liter, although the price went up by 9% over the past year. In fourth place – Ukraine, a liter of diesel fuel costs 51.1 rubles after a 22% increase in price for the year. The most expensive diesel fuel is in Sweden, where a liter costs 103.8 rubles.

Of course – comparative research is pointless without taking into account relative standard of salaries in each region, and purchasing power. The researchers took this into account – in first place is Luxembourg, where residents would hypothetically be able to purchase 2701 liters of fuel on a standard salary. 

In last place is Ukraine – where residents can afford 216 liters.

Russia came in at 17th place across Europe and the CIS – at 821 liters per salary.  

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