Russia: US attempting to split Syria by creating “joint army of Kurds and terrorists”


February 10 , 2018 – FRN – 

Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

The US is still attempting to split this country and consolidate its own military presence, said Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kinshchak.

“The issue of Washington promoting the construction of an “alternative Syria” in the liberated territories raises some questions, the diplomat said. “Attempts by the West to link the restoration of Syria with the change of power in this country is cynical blackmail” he said.

The US is trying to build a “new Syrian army” made up of  the Kurds and former fighters of ISIL and al-Nusra –  Washington is betting on the Kurds as well as the lured Arab armed groups in the east of Syria.

For a long time, the terrorist organization al-Nusra has been  an actual ally in the fight against the legitimate government of Syria, Kinshchak reminded. 

“Today, this is one of the last cards in the hands of opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad, to exert military pressure on Damascus. However, like all terrorists, they are unreliable allies” said Ambassador Kinshchak.

Al-Nusra in East Ghouta make up the majority of illegally armed formations, including the so-called moderate ones. The diplomat stressed that even small groups of al-Nusra militants are a serious force and pose a significant danger to the stability of the region.

The creation of de-escalation zones contributed to a reduction in the level of violence in the country as a whole, including in East Ghuta, but the situation is re-igniting because of armed provocations by ‘moderate’ groups Akhrar ash-Sham, Failak Ar-Rahman, Army of Islam and Al-Nusra.

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