Russian bombers clear the way – 10,000 Syrian soldiers begin large scale offensive in Damascus

Russian aviation has crushed the militants' defenses in the east of Damascus prior to a major offensive operation of the Syrian Army.

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Russian aviation has crushed the militants’ defenses in the east of Damascus prior to a major offensive operation of the Syrian Army.
Combat aircraft of the Russian Air Force supported the counter-terrorist operation of the Syrian Army in the uninhabited ruins of East Ghouta, where militants built stronghold fortifications.
The Arab media reported that Russian aviation inflicted point air strikes on numerous terrorist targets east of Damascus, aiming at the tactical positions of the groups and their transport routes. Russian combat aircraft have concentrated on high-precision strikes on militant positions of anti-tank missiles and heavy machine guns.
The operation has been based on a large number of intelligence data collected by observers and agents operating in the militant camp area.

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The 500 newly arrived reinforcements from the provinces of Deir ez Zor and Raqqa to the eastern part of Damascus will take part in the upcoming battle to clean up the remaining pockets of militant in East Ghouta.
According to military sources, while the government forces are preparing for the offensive, another 500 soldiers were redeployed in the vicinity of Damascus.
With the newly arrived forces, the total strength of the offensive military force deployed by the Syrian government forces increased to more than 10,000 – among them the famous “Tigers” of General Suheil al-Hasan.
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