Russian Embassy calls for the US to stop supporting ‘primitive nationalism’ in Ukraine

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Washington D.C., The United States of America – The Russian embassy in Washington said in a statement that they expect the US to stop ‘primitive nationalism’ in Ukraine after ultra-nationalists attacked the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Kiev.

“We expect Washington officials to stop supporting primitive nationalism. Not only in Ukraine but also in other eastern European countries,” the statement said.

“As the Kiev events show, this is fraught with mayhem and an increase in xenophobia and extremism,” the statement continued.

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According to the embassy, “such actions may be rooted in the example Washington set by seizing Russia’s diplomatic property.” 

“Russia has called on the OSCE to quickly respond to the outrageous manifestation of aggressive nationalism and issue an urgent report concerning this incident so that all the OSCE member states would know about this barbarous act,” the statement added.

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