Russian Embassy Twitter completely ruins Ukraine Twitter that utterly failed in being witty

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MOSCOW, Russia – A funny exchange occurred between verified Ukrainian and Russian twitter accounts, with the final result being a Ukrainian account completely savaged by a witty Russian Embassy account.
The exchange began with a Tweet made by the official Ukraine Twitter account.

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“We have to think globally. @Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, fringe political groups, trolls, fake news, cyber attacks – these challenges have same roots. By giving Ukraine economic, military, diplomatic support, you strengthen democratic values, human rights & postwar order,” the tweet said. 

The official Twitter account for Russia then responded back with a very simple reply.


The official Ukraine Twitter account thought they were witty when commenting on the Russian Olympic team at the Winter Olympics currently being held at the South Korea.


Seeing an opportunity to humiliate Ukraine, the Russian Embassy in Canada account chimed it by stating “At least we have the capacity to organize Olympic Games.”

As quickly as that, the exchange was over with the admins in chase of the Ukraine account not responding.

Russia comes off the back of hosting an extremely successful Winter Olympics at Sochi in 2014. In addition to the success of those Olympics, Russia will also later this year by hosting the Football World Cup, meaning that in the space of four years it has hosted some of the world’s biggest sporting events, unlike Ukraine who are in no stable economic or political position to do so

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