Siemans and Russia planning to double high speed rail


February 12, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated from German by Tom Winter –

Sapsan [“Peregrine Falcon”] Moscow-St Petersburg high speed train

Interior view of the Siemans fast-train “Sapsan” between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Russian Railways wants to double Sapsan fleet

The German company Siemens is currently negotiating further deliveries of high-speed trains to the Russian railway company RZhD. 11 Sapsan trains and 27 additional cars are under discussion. This is reported by the state agency TASS, citing Dietrich Möller, president of Siemens Russia.

Currently the “Sapsan” (“peregrine falcon”) runs daily between Moscow and St. Petersburg. In total, the Russian Railways owns 16 “Sapsan” high speed trains from German Siemens production. According to Siemens President Möller, the state railway company plans to acquire ten or eleven more fast trains. In addition, Russian Railways wants to buy 27 new cars. The deal should be settled as soon as all open questions regarding number, technology and financing of the trains are clarified, Möller said. However, the manager can not say with certainty whether the contract will be completed in 2018.

As early as August 2017, Russian Railways Vice President Alexander Misharin announced plans to order more Sapsan trains. Reasons for these plans are increasing passenger numbers and growing transport volumes. In addition, the Russian Railways have also been offering night service between Moscow and St. Petersburg since October. According to a press release, the Sapsan train will also run from 1 March 2018 on the railway line between St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Since February 2017, the Siemens trains have been repaired and maintained in a depot in the Moscow region.

Dietrich Möller commented on the activities of the German Siemens group in the Russian railway sector in an interview with

“When we talk about the most important projects, the focus is still on energy and rail projects. We have set up several local production sites nationwide for Russian Railways, near Yekaterinburg, a large production facility for trains and locomotives “Ural Locomotives” – a joint venture with Sinara Group, in Saint Petersburg – the service depots “Metallostroj-1” and “Metallostroj -2 “, at Sochi the Eagle depot “, in Moscow – the Podmoskovnaja depot”, on the basis of which the center for data analysis has also started its activity. This is where the diagnostic data determined from the operation of rail vehicles and railway infrastructure are bundled. “

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