Statistics: Migrants are replacing Russia’s natural population decline

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The poster reads “Russia needs each individual”.
A disheartening set of statistics have been published by Rosstat. It shows that despite the efforts of the government, such as maternal capital and subsidies for extra children, Russia’s natural population is diminishing at an alarming rate.
The population of Russia increased in 2017 by 77.4 thousand people to 146.9 million people. In 2016, the population increased by 259.7 thousand people,  and in 2015 – by 277.4 thousand people.
However, the number of births decreased last year to 1 million 689.9 thousand people, 1 million 888.7 thousand in 2016 and 1 million 944.1 thousand in 2015.
The number of deaths decreased to 1 million 824.3 thousand. people against 1 million 887.9 thousand people in 2016 and 1 million 911.4 thousand people in 2015.

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The natural population decline in 2017 was 134.4 thousand people against the natural increase of 5.4 thousand people in 2016 and 32.7 thousand people in 2015.
Migration has completely replaced the natural decline of the population, exceeding the decrease by 57. 6%.
In 2017, 212 thousand migrants arrived to live in Russia, 262 thousand in 2016, and 246 thousand in 2015.
The situation with the demographic problem is a long-standing one – which exacerbated ever since the collapse of the USSR. While birthrates improved in the middle 2000’s, evidently the measures are not enough to correct the problem.
A demographic decline has a direct correlation on the labour market, and as such a more relaxed migration policy.
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