Suicidal pleas for military intervention in Venezuela


February 17, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Mision Verdad.

CARACAS, Venezuela – After the failure of the MUD (US-backed opposition party in Venezuela) in the Dialogue Table accompanied by several governments, including the Dominican Republic, it became clear the purpose of those who pressed from different instances for an agreement not to be reached: to incite international intervention of a military nature or “humanitarian” as the only possible option.

From this rostrum we have described in depth the real implications of the “humanitarian” in any solution proposed by the political franchises that make up the MUD, there are examples of the perversions that the actions of the UN, NATO and other multilateral institutions headed by the US.

However, the humanitarian intervention has been the plea of politicians like Antonio Ledezma, who was sentenced for the crimes of conspiracy for rebellion and association to commit a crime, but he escaped after he was conferred the measure of house by jail.

The former mayor in Washington asked for a “Plan Venezuela” as part of a campaign that, while not being an election, is full of promises and good intentions. This catalog of sale of the country evokes the balance of deaths and displaced persons that Plan Colombia has left, the neighboring republic is world champion in assassinations of social leaders and the cultivated area of ​​coca enjoys good health. Ledezma tries to be the agent that paves the international terrain of the intervention, because at the local it was tested in the streets of Caracas during the nineties, killing students and repressing older adults who demanded more and better social security when he was Governor of Caracas.

Then appear the pleas and justifications of intellectuals like Juan Sosa Azpúrua that respond more to disturbances of people won by hatred than to political or legal clarifications. In an interview published on the network, the academic advocates that “the Group of Lima, Almagro, the United States, and the European Union join in a pro-freedom coalition of Venezuela,” however, when asked why he insists on the intervention He affirmed that “Simón Bolívar resorted to that aid to achieve Venezuela’s independence, without that help, Europe would be Nazi, without that help, dozens of countries would be condemned today to the worst hell”.

Confident in his class condition with respect to the possible invaders, Azpúrua predicts who would be the first war objectives in the case of the so desired intervention.

Another scholar questions the hegemony of the United States because at this point there has been no such intervention, perhaps missing the invasions in the style of Guatemala, Haiti or Panama.

Not without first underestimating the moral and capacity of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), unlike Ledezma who does not hide the scenario that prefigures.

Being more precise, this other lawyer tells of where the eventual foreign military intervention would come from a supposed order already given by Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State.

Showing off his bulky professional scale, he thinks about his preferred intervention in an illusory exercise with respect to the State, as if there were some standing after receiving the dose of democracy that any occupant on duty in the White House customarily offers.

However, he maintains a disquieting speech regarding the countries bordering Venezuela, outlining assumptions as imminent facts in which he swears that he will not be affected.

Finally, he clarifies what is the real business of the war, in addition to the sale of weapons, as in Iraq or Libya the powers do juicy business with the reconstruction contracts.

A journalist from the site Dollar Today who was a victim of criminal violence in recent times (a fact that was attributed to the Government, although later proved otherwise) calls the streets again stating that everything is ready for intervention, no doubt that the Guarimbas will be a great support for this task.

Meanwhile international agencies review the “spontaneous movements” that request intervention as an extreme mechanism to complete what the agenda of sanctions and street violence could not achieve in 2018. The owner has more text than the news itself and actually reflects a Movement of national and international opinion to legitimize a military action against Venezuela.

All this campaign that tries to soften public opinion and the international community is becoming more intense as the days go by, the psychological war varies from the promises of Ledezma to the threats of media operators.

None of those who cry for intervention have wanted to assume the thunderous failure of the exercise of politics and their new leadership, but have opted for the intervention of a third party, thus strengthening the Hollywood narrative of the superhero who saves them. No more proof of the alienation of a certain intellectuality intoxicated by its own imaginary is required.

Before seeking to take their reins, promote the demolition of the State to impose the conditions of a class that has shown little empathy with the majorities, which is aligned with the Deep State plan that Trump and the network of interests of their environment .

It is clear that they refuse to accept that they and many of their followers would also be affected in a war scenario, hence the misery of an approach that is fundamentally suicidal. Even for those who seek to “save” by asking for bombings and blue helmets.

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