The labor market is getting more and more violent – socialism more than ever needed in Brazil


February 5, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – We closed 2017 with more than 400,000 people known to be unemployed in Brazil. A loudly big number: there are hundreds and more hundreds of families gravitating between need and misery. And if we take into account the sub-employees and the slave laborers, the number triples.

The truth is that there is nothing more unhealthy than the labor market under capitalism:

– Queuing miles without the least guarantee of employability;

– Requirement of experience for basically all functions (first job? Better to look for a McDonald’s to earn $ 700.00 per month.Migrate from area, as it does not find employment in your area?

– Selective processes dull and wrapped up in tricks and pranks, as if it were necessary to master a science to go through an interview / selection process without problems;

– Low and falling wages;

– Working conditions are becoming increasingly precarious (it is estimated that, by 2019, 26.8 million workers will be classified as precarious);

– Job offer far exceeding the demand for work.

And we can expect even worse things in our country, as a result of the neoliberal Shock Therapy of the counter-reforms of the damn # Temer Board.

Under capitalism, man serves the economy and not the opposite, the rationale of labor, not production, in order to satisfy the primordial needs of a given collectivity, but the accumulation of capital, in order to enrich a small number of oligarchs and bourgeois – who speculate and play with the needs of others. And if an economic system serves only a small handful of speculators, rentiers, and parasites, it is a moral duty, heroically, to supplant and replace it with another that meets the needs of the majority of the Brazilian people and families.

Another truth is that Brazil has never needed socialism as much as it does today. It has never needed so much a socio-economic regime capable of guiding production for the general well-being of the homeland and of who lives in it.

And this regime will not be given to us. We will need to conquer it – at some point, this will be a matter of survival.

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