The problem is not guns, the problem is that American society is a factory of lunatics from pharmeceuticals

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February 20, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Every time it is the same, and considering the hegemonic global role of the United States (which has unfortunately not yet ceased), these discussions always have a bearing on the rest of the world. Massacres in schools, universities or other public places, with dozens of dead and wounded.

Everyone’s focus is on guns. Restrict or release even more. Everyone treats it as the duality, however the key to the question is: those who advocate restraint, or even prohibition, seem to ignore the immense number of violent countries with the bearing of a prohibited weapon; those who think that the solution is to further weaken the laws, and to have even more armed people circulating, prefer to ignore the risks.

The American case is unique, yes, and exceptions are nothing more than copiers. Finland and Switzerland are the two countries with the highest proportion of armed citizens after the US and we have not heard of school massacres in those countries. They are among the safest countries in the world.

It is not a matter of whether American legislation is perfect or deserves change. That is not the point. It seems almost unanimous that there must be some kind of change in the laws. The point is that the problem is not in firearms. Disarmaments often cite the British case, but hide that crimes in general and especially knife killings are firing there.

In a general statement, moreover, we are talking about an objectively minor issue. Only 0.3% of homicides in the United States are linked to these massacres. And considering that only 0.6% of US deaths are for homicide, we are dealing with a phenomenon whose impact is primarily due to the media and its ability to spectacularize every tragedy.

The gist of the matter is that the US is a lunatic factory.

The rest of the world may have had this impression for a long time, because of film, music, celebrities and other bizarre people generally coming from the United States. But this is a clinical fact in itself. All those involved in school massacres, or similar crimes in the US, in recent years were mentally upset, psychiatric and drug-dependent people, usually antidepressants or antipsychotics.

We are talking about drugs that accelerate and intensify the mood-changing process in the user, as well as being triggers for psychotic outbreaks and personality disorders.

This is a fact that the US government and media refuse to address because of pressure from the pharmaceutical industry and the psychiatric lobby under the lame excuse that it would increase “prejudice” against people with mental disorders.

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But there is no “prejudice” when dealing with facts, and preventing massacres is more important than “fighting prejudices.”

Nick Cruz, perpetrator of the latest American massacre, was a wearer of antidepressants, according to a relative. Stephen Paddock, who killed 50 people from his hotel window in Las Vegas, was taking diazepam a few months before the massacre. The side effects of diazepam include “unusual confusion, hallucinations, thoughts or behavior; risky behavior, reduced inhibitions, no fear of danger; depressed mood, suicidal thoughts; hyperactivity, agitation, aggression, hostility. “

James Holmes, who committed a massacre at a movie theater in 2012, was a user of the antidepressant Sertralina, whose side effects include “aggressive reaction; behavioral or mood changes; and quick talk with excitement or out-of-control actions. ” Gavin Long, a veteran who committed a massacre in Louisiana, was a user of Lunesta and Ativan, remedies with a huge list of side effects, including aggression, agitation, behavioral changes, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and homicidal ideation.

Studies on the risks of these and many other remedies have been extensive, especially in the European Union. Nonetheless, the use of these drugs has increased by 400% since 1988. Today, 11% of Americans over 12 years of age take antidepressants, which is more than in any other country.’’

The power of the pharmaceutical industry is immense, especially in the US, its heart, and where for decades it has been experimenting and testing. US soldiers struggle and kill with drugs and drugs, and when they return home, usually traumatized, they become loyal customers.

American youth, discredited, indebted, without dreams, without ideals, without solid values ​​or beliefs, played in a scenario of savage competition for prestige, in a society that only values ​​status and money, is the most depressed, anxious, autistic and neurotic on the planet.

Remove the weapons and the lunatics from this sick society and they will learn to make bombs. You find a way to stop this, and they will carry out massacres with knives.

It is easy to find a scapegoat, a type of culprit whose confrontation will solve all problems. Whether it be weapons, music, games, movies, religion, politics, the media will always try to direct the public’s attention to some kind of false problem. Because the alternative is to admit that the US has failed. The “American Dream” has died. American society is in decline, a decay from which there is no possible return, and until the last end, there will still be many innocent bodies shot on the ground.

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