The tobacco industry generates as many or more deaths as war


February 8, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Mision Verdad.

CARACAS, Venezuela – One of the most widespread myths in the world is that development promotes the welfare of the population, and with it the progress that is so much offered to the working classes globally. Based on the constant industrial revolution, which originated in Europe more than two centuries ago, it has a solid base in the companies of that capitalist myth that both squanders and pauperizes the great majority.

Thus, the factories emerged as productive units in which people, with nothing more than their workforce and a family to feed, clothe, provide a roof, are inserted for a salary for the preparation of goods and the gestation of services. All merchandise created to enter specific markets, for profit, for the benefit of the owners of factories and companies.

But the labor conditions, mostly very poor as the known cases of India and other regions of Asia, and the fact that the work is constantly stolen (surplus value) by few employers, and that robbery legitimized by the secular institutions of the West, are not the only consequences that contradict the discourse of development and progress.

Especially if we give a review of the following statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, its acronym in English), a US institution that brings together several health research centers in that country. From his page we can see that in the United States:

* On average, more than 480,000 people die every year due to tobacco, including passive smoking.

* Of that total, 278 thousand are generally men and 201 thousand, women.

* This is one in five deaths per year throughout the country.

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Data that, viewed in comparison, are alarming. Well, in the US tobacco industry has as many consequences as many deaths as the seven years of war in Syria, which are between 320 thousand and 450 thousand casualties according to the source consulted.

This is joined by other numbers released by the CDC: the life expectancy in the US among smokers is 10 years less than among non-smokers, and according to the studies of the organism, smoking cessation before 40 years reduces by 90% the risks of dying from a disease linked to smoking.

A statement from the World Health Organization of 2017 warned that tobacco kills more than 7 million people a year, and highlights another more frightening fact: the cigar could cause 21st century, in total, up to 1 one billion deaths around the world.

Another study published in Britain confirms that a single cigarette a day increases the risk of heart attack in a person between 70% and 120%. More specifically, this danger grows 74% in men and up to 119% in women.

The tobacco lobby tried for years to make up these statistics before parliaments around the world to avoid restricting the sale of tobacco to the public. Because the business of death has great dividends: the president of the Mexican Council Against Smoking, Juan Wolfgang Zinser Sierra, said that according to studies every six seconds a smoker dies in the world and every six seconds the tobacco industry earns $ 10,000.

The six major tobacco companies, four of them American, together have a value of 661 billion dollars, which would be equivalent to 3.6% of US GDP in 2016.

Lately the tobacco companies have a huge gain: in 2016, giants of the sector such as Phillip Morris, Reynolds, British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco or Altria would have obtained together some 25 billion dollars in profits.

All this leads to the conclusion that this silent genocide on the part of the tobacco industry begins in the factories, filled with miserly workers who are probably directly or indirectly affected by the cigars, and ends up in the cemeteries, at best.

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