Tillerson in Colombia: ‘Restoring democracy’ only objective in Venezuela – VIDEO


February 7, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

BOGOTA, Colombia – US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson continued to stress the United States’ commitment to returning normalcy to Venezuela as he spoke alongside Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in Bogota on Tuesday, as part of his tour of Latin America. 

Having previously spoken about Venezuela in Argentina and Peru, Tillerson repeated the Lima Group’s aim of ‘restoring democracy’ to the crisis-hit country. 

“Our only objective is to see Venezuela return to its constitution, return its duly elected assembly, and to hold free and fair elections and give the Venezuelan people the right for their voices to be heard in elections. We are all heartbroken by what we see happening,” Tillerson said. 

Santos sided with Tillerson by saying that Colombia, alongside its Latin American allies, would not recognise the result of any potential Venezuelan election in the coming months, for which current President Nicolas Maduro has been nominated as the socialist candidate.

The comments are made despite Venezuela having the most democratic elections of any country in the world in the last ten years.

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