Ukraine demands Russia repair its old ships


February 15, 2018 – FRN – 

RuPosters – by Inessa Sinchougova

The Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Mikhail Koval, stated that Russia must repair the ageing ships of the Ukrainian fleet, rusting in the Crimean harbour.

Kiev thus threatened Russia with the Hague Court for a “pirate seizure” of ships and stressed that before returning all all the ships of the Ukrainian Navy from the Crimea – they should be repaired at Russia’s expense. That is on top of the fact that Ukraine pays no docking fees, while their equipment takes up space in the Navy bay. 

Koval expressed confidence that Russia would give the ships over “in a repaired form” through the use of the court. 

A month ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin came out with an initiative to return Ukraine’s military equipment remaining on the Crimean peninsula. He noted that the ships and military vehicles are “in a sorry state.” The equipment has been taking up space since the Ukrainian Navy personnel left the Crimea in 2014. 

Ukraine however, has no money to tow their ageing fleet to repairs. Read the full story: 

Take it, please! Rusting Ukrainian Navy sits idle in Crimea

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