Ukraine’s BOGDAN ambulance: “one of hundreds of episodes of the theft of billions in the army and in the war”


February 11, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

– Dmitri Korneichuk, in VESTI.ukr, translated by Tom Winter –

Notes: Is this an ambulance? Aluminum flat-panel module, visibly secured by cables, replaces the bed of Chinese Great Wall pickup truck. From an automotive review: “The machine is equipped with the Great Wall 4D20 turbodiesel (2.0 liters, 143 hp, 305 Nm), a six-speed gearbox and on-demand four-wheel drive. True, the load capacity of the 975 kg pickup truck is largely taken over by the 600-kilogram module. It turns out that according to the data-plate, the Bogdan-2251 can only carry cargo weighing 375 kg, but the claimed four lying or eight seated wounded, the equipment and materials for the first medical aid clearly weigh more. That is, the machine is doomed to ride with an overload. — Photos are from the review. There are no plans to buy actual Russian ambulances…

KIEV. For Poroshenko and his entourage, the war in the Donbass is a lucrative business. This can not always be proved. But sometimes it all comes out. Because of the greed and the belief in the impunity of power, crossing all boundaries.

So, thanks to the public the scandal with the poor-quality Bogdan 2251 ambulances, which the Defense Ministry bought, has come to the surface. The price of each vehicle of the 100 items was higher than imported analogues and amounted to 32 thousand dollars.

They put 5o of them at the front, and half immediately broke down. The other day, the Defense Ministry began to frantically try to hush up the scandal, saying the purchase of new Bogdanovs will be stopped until the manufacturer remedies the problem.

But the budgeted money has already gone to Poroshenko. And no one will return it. Not to mention that the broken “Bogdans” could be the cause of the death of the injured soldiers, who have to be urgently delivered to a hospital.

I will repeat. The story of the Bogdans is just one of hundreds of episodes of theft in the army and the war of billions of hryvnia.
Therefore, for the regime, war is a gold mine. Actually, that’s why there has been no interest in shutting down the war since 2014. At least – this is one of the motives of Kiev. Moscow has its own reasons …

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