Ukrainian Nazis celebrate one year without Givi


February 8 , 2018 – FRN – – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

It’s important to remember who helped us – the Russian Federation. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He was the only one, nobody else helped us. ” – Givi (@ 3:29 of video below)

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“Those who never surrendered, were never defeated.”

On February 8th 2017, Mikhail Tolstykh was killed. The world knew him better by the call sign “Givi”. Not having been able to defeat him in battle, the enemy utilised a flaw in the security system, and mined his office building.  For the Kiev junta, Givi’s death was a  triumph and celebration. 

Today, a year later, one of the most active participants of the Maidan and accomplices of the current authorities of Ukraine, Yuri Butusov, editor-in-chief of the site “Censor.NET” which is banned in Russia , revealed that the  Ukrainian special services assassinated Givi. 

“Exactly one year ago, as a result of the operation of the Ukrainian special services, Mikhail Tolstykh was destroyed … Givi was identified as the number one animal on the list destined for disposal,” he wrote. – The operation was planned and prepared over two years. Givi had serious security measures, it was not easy.

Someday, these events will be written  about in books and movies will be made. They will learn about this as one of the most brilliant operations conducted by patriots of Ukraine. A page of history that we will all be proud of.”

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Mikhail Tolstykh was a former soldier of the Ukrainian armed forces. With the start of the Donbass conflict in 2014, he switched allegiances and quickly became a figurehead commander, leading the “separatist” (defensive) Donbass battalion “Somali”. Together with the late “Motorola”, Arsen Pavlov, the two made a permanent mark on the Donbass republics as national heroes. Here’s why…

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