Ukrainian politician proposes to indoctrinate children from birth that Russia is an aggressor

This was stated by the deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana S

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“How can we survive? If we teach our children from birth that we have a neighbor who is our enemy and we must be prepared from our birth to our death, no matter how long we live, that everyone can protect this state protect in whichever way “, – she stressed.
According to her, “only in this way Ukraine can survive.”
Therefore, she does not understand those parents and those educational institutions that decide not to tell their children about the war:

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“And I have a question: when will these children talk about war? When these children are summoned to the trenches and they suddenly – for no reason at all, will they find out that they have an enemy? .. We must be honest. And we must live with this, ” said the vice-speaker.
She also recalled that the length of the border with Russia today reaches 6,000 km, given Belarus, where “Russian bases” are located, as well as the Black Sea.
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