WATCH as Russia’s Special Envoy for Syria says ‘Mistrust is still high’


February 2, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

SOCHI, Russia – Commenting on the achievements of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress Russia’s Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev said that, ‘the level of mistrust between the parties is still rather high,’ in Sochi on Tuesday. 

“Still exists an armed radical opposition that is trying to ‘put a stick into the wheels’ of the regime of cessation of hostilities in the de-escalation zones as well as organising provocations in different districts of Syria,” noted the diplomat. 

He also added that “a big delegation of more than 80 people that arrived from Ankara today was obviously in a destructive mood”, saying that its aim was possibly to disrupt the Congress, “in order to demonstrate to the international community and to some of the individuals that Russian efforts for political settlement met a dead-end.” 

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Lavrentiev also announced that some documents, including the list of candidates to the Syrian constitutional commission have been approved. 

Secretary General of the Syrian Arab Socialist Union Party Safwan al-Qudsi also attended the conference, stressing that Syria would not give up “any inch” of their soil. Moving forwards, he reiterated how this congress represents “a very important step in the right direction.” 

The Syrian National Dialogue Congress took place between January 29 and 30. Around 1,600 delegates representing the entire spectrum of Syria’s political, civil and ethno-confessional forces have participated in the congress. The initiative to hold the congress was announced at a December meeting of the Syrian ceasefire guarantor nations, including Russia, Iran and Turkey.

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