Watch as Ukrainian MP attacks journalist on the air


February 2, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

– Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

MP Eduard Leonov (back to camera) throws a right at journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, while stagehand tries to intervene. Screen capture from video at site.

A deputy from the Freedom party Eduard Leonov attacked journalist Ruslan Kotzaba during a live broadcast on the program “Open Text.” The theme of the program was the question of whether it was necessary to give air time to Yanukovich’s supporters.

During the program, Leonov said that Portnov and Herman should not be on Ukrainian television. To this Kotsaba replied that the war is not only in the east, but in the minds of people. Then the journalist declared: “The war will take away the most aggressive.” After that, Leonov began to shout at him and called Kotsaba a “moral monster.”

Kotsaba turned to the presenter and asked: “Can stuff like this go on according to the rules of the genre?” The Svoboda member jumped up and shouted: “According to the rule of the genre, I’ll beat your face in right now.”

Later, Kotsaba reported on his Facebook page that there was no fight. [The video shows that Kotsaba only stepped away, without throwing a single countering punch – tr.]

Recall that in July 2017 Nazis made an assault on Kotzaba in the Kiev metro.

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In September 2016, Kotsaba on the television channel of Lviv, ZiK, stated that he considers it impossible to return the territories of Donbass to Ukraine by any means while the generation that makes up the war is alive.

It should be noted that since early 2017, 80 attacks on journalists have been recorded in Ukraine.

Last November, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Klimkin, in an interview with the German tabloid Bild, said that Ukraine has freedom of speech and freedom of journalistic activity, and all accusations against the Ukrainian authorities about the persecution of media workers are nothing more than fictions.

Recall that in September at the wedding of his son, Lutsenko injured a journalist. On September 16, the correspondent of the program “Schemes,” Tkach on his Facebook page reported about the attack, but did not specify, any result stemming from it. Tkach wrote that state security officers attacked journalists near one of the restaurants in Koncha Zaspa, where the President of Ukraine Poroshenko and Prime Minister Groisman were vacationing, with a number of other high-ranking officials. Recall also that last year the Radicals set fire to the building of the Inter TV channel in Kiev.

In August, the OSCE criticized Kiev for obstructing free journalistic activity.

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