WATCH: Brawl on TV – Expert doesn’t believe Ukrainian army is killing children in Donbass

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On 22 February, TV show anchor Andrei Norkin got into a fight with Ukrainian political scientist Dmitry Suvorov, during a discussion of the situation in Donbass.

The argument began when an invited guest, German deputy Andreas Maurer, who speaks fluent Russian, said that the Ukrainian army is shelling civilians in the Donbass and they [Ukraine] must admit this.”

“Your army is killing children! I stood next to the monument for 200 dead children!” – said Maurer.

The Ukrainian expert became very vocal in expressing indignation and demanding proof – “show me photographs!” he yelled.

Norkin tried to calm him down by tapping his shoulder, after which a fight ensued.

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“The invited expert, allegedly a European, blamed my country for the genocide of children in the village of Zaitsevo. It is not true.” Suvorov commented on the incident.

How much further can the Ukrainian side slide into denial, especially with a name like Suvorov [ethnically Russian] – while the plight of the Donbass is defended by a German national?


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