WATCH: Nazis march freely in Europe – extreme nationalism sweeps Ukraine


February 4 , 2018 – FRN – 

DPR – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

This is not a movie – albeit the production value certainly has some money behind it. The video of the National Corps rally is from an event in Kiev, published on January 29th.

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Notice the large poster in the Square that says “Freedom is our Religion” in English – at which audience is it targeted? 

Yesterday, on February 3, the Ukrainian neo-Nazi party “National Corps” organized a “festival of Ukrainian culture and national spirit” in the Dnieper. The newly formed organisation is a political off-shoot of the Azov military neo-Nazi movement.

“A lot of people visited the event. The guests found a very interesting and diverse program, with something for everyone’s liking” it was reported.  

The program included classes on leadership, competitions in arm-wrestling, training in medical care, an exhibition of modern Ukrainian literature and an exhibition of folk embroidery. There was a tattoo station where everyone could get one of a patriotic design for free; educational lectures on Ukrainian history, musician performances, and so on.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis called on young people and their use of free time for “self-development and cultural recreation” and promised to continue to carry out “national events.”

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