What does Ukraine need? Dictatorship for the sake of democracy — Tuka


February 11, 2018 – Fort Russ News –

– Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

Georgiy Tuka, Deputy Minister for “temporarily occupied territories” and internally displaced persons, said that Ukraine needs a dictatorship for further development, Ukraine.ru reports.

“I understand that my provocative thesis will not be fully accepted by all, but with regarding democracy: what we have now in the state, I can not call a democracy, even a weak one. And the only way that I see possible is, on the contrary, a dictatorship for the sake of a future democracy. Unfortunately, the swamp that now exists in Ukraine is the weak state, that many people spoke about today, but without calling things by their right names,” Tuka said.

Speaking about the situation around Donbass, Tuka noted that Moscow constantly and persistently urges Ukraine to have direct dialogue with the Donbass, but the Ukrainian authorities do not intend to even discuss “dialogue with militants”.

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“The Kremlin is constantly and aggressively pushing for direct dialogue. I can assure you that in the state institutions, I have not heard any ideas about a so-called “direct dialogue,” Tuka said.

In December 2017, Tuka said that he considered the restoration of the Donbass a crime, since it would not return to Ukraine’s control any more, rather it should be left in ruins.

Earlier Tuka said that relations between Kiev and Moscow should be primarily pragmatic. He noted that Russia will always “remain the enemy” of Ukraine’s independence, so Kiev should make efforts to “split Russia apart”.

Recall that in October Tuka, the scandalous ex-Gauleiter of Lugansk region, the deputy minister for the affairs of the “occupied” territories said that the confrontation with the West would lead to the disintegration of Russia. Earlier, he also said that Russia is an absolute enemy for Ukraine, and the war with it will continue until the victory of one of the parties.

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